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Letter To The Editor – Dec. 20, 2012

Student Supports Soccer Program For Water Valley High

Dear Editor,
Hello my name is Gabe Edwards, thank you for informing the public on where the school soccer process is at. As one of the seven boys who already play on an organized team, I am 100% behind getting a soccer team for the school.         Soccer would be a great sport for many boys and girls at Water Valley because not everyone is tall enough to play basketball or strong enough to play football.
Soccer would be a great transition to Water Valley High School. Everyone who played at the sports complex had to quit playing at age 12 due to age limitations and there is no league at the high school for them to move up to.
Many students who enjoy soccer and can excel at it could possibly have a chance to get a scholarship for playing soccer. Some people never know if they are good at something until they try it, some students may try soccer and be a pro, you never know.
These are my thoughts on the discussion for adding a soccer team to Water Valley High School. Thank you for listening to my thoughts on the topic.
Gabriel. A. Edwards

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