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Letter To The Editor – Dec. 27, 2012

Teacher Responds To Lack Of Soap In School Restrooms

To the Editor:
I would like to offer a response to the parent wanting to know exactly why we do not have soap in the restrooms. I teach at the high school; my room lies rather far from the faculty restroom and so I find myself at times utilizing the student restroom. When the soap dispensers had soap in them, I would oftentimes enter the restroom to see a puddle of soap directly beneath the dispenser – apparently some students think it humorous to waste supplies and create messes. Students also find it humorous to completely unroll the toilet tissue and drape it over the entire restroom and to plug up the sink drain and leave the water running.
It isn’t that the school cannot afford supplies such as soap and tissue. However, when students habitually waste these products, it becomes senseless to keep restocking them.
Thank you,
Anna Smith
Water Valley High School

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