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Letters To Editor – April 11, 2013

Problem Solving Team Needs Donations

The recent state champion Future Problem Solving team from Water Valley will be representing Mississippi at the International Conference in June at Indiana University.  Our team will be competing against teams from across the United States and from around the world.  The students are given topics which address global issues and are asked to use futuristic thinking in order to come up with creative solutions to these problems.  In addition, they must choose the best solution and determine an action plan for its implementation.  This year the topics included Celebrity Culture, Robotic Age, Megacities, and Ocean Soup.
This is the first year we have reinstated this program at our school.  Water Valley was a strong competitor in Future Problem Solving many years ago.  We have quite a few trophies in the trophy case representing past victories.  We have even won at the international level in the past.  It is nice to know that even a small town like ours can compete against the best teams from all over the world.  I am so incredibly proud of this group of girls who were able to learn the entire program and achieve a state title in their first year associated with problem solving.  The research and work they do is very intense, and they devoted a lot of time outside of their normal school assignments this year to accomplish their goal of winning the state title.  
In order to pay for the trip, we are seeking donations.  A bank account has been established at Mechanics Bank for donations associated with this trip.  The account number is 60313555 if you would like to make a deposit at the bank.  You may mail donations to my attention at Water Valley High School, 550 Market St., Water Valley, MS 38965.  If you are in this area, my team members or I would be happy to come by and pick up your donation.  Please consider helping our team fund the trip!  Any donation, large or small, will be helpful.  We need to raise a total of $3,000 by the end of April to cover the registration, travel, and accommodations while there.  That is a lot of money, but every single donation will help us reach the goal.  I would like to run an ad in the newspaper to thank each of you who makes a donation, so if you choose to donate directly to the bank, please e-mail and let me know you donated so that I will be able to include your name/organization on the list.  Thanks so much for all that you do to support our students.  Each experience is a building block in the lives of our future leaders.
Keli Lindsey
Future Problem Solving Coach
 Water Valley High School

Domed Shelter’s Benefits Touted

  Some months ago, after they had suffered terrible destruction from a tornado, I spoke with some officials at Smithville. We spoke about the logic of building a monolithic dome in their city, preferably at a school.
  Today, I was very happy to see on the news that they do have a monolithic dome in construction on the school site. The dome will allow 600 people to be sheltered from winds in excess of 300 mph. A grant was available from FEMA as the building meets the FEMA 361 standard.
  Someone from our government could go to Smithville and actually look at the dome, speak to the citizens, and to the company erecting it.
  Perhaps this newspaper could do a story on the dome, complete with photos and specs. How about it?
  /s/Don McConnell

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