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Letters To Editor – April 18, 2013

Parents, Make Sure Your Kids Go To School

In reading the article concerning the ratings for our local schools, I was pleased with the comments made by Mr. Chrestman, Dr. Kitchens, Taylor Trusty, and Casey Washington. They were right up front about the problem. “We can’t educate the children if they don’t come to school!” They hit the nail right on the head. Hey parents, wake up! Make sure your kids get up off their duffs, quit roaming the streets, and go to school, go to class, have their homework done, pay attention, and act like they have some manners.
I had three children who went to school here. I know it’s not always easy to see that they have their work done, their clothes are clean and ironed, their hair is clean and tidy, especially when you work as most parents do these days. But it can be done.  We are responsible for the children we bring into this world from the time they are born until they are of age. You are boss, not them! If young people don’t get a good educational foundation they are in for trouble when they get out into the real world. They also need a good home foundation to support all areas of their life. Courtesy, manners, respectfulness, self worth are important as a basis for their whole life. Sure they get some of this at school, but the most of these attributes should come from home life. The teachers are struggling to put the learning in top side, you should be willing to put in the bottom side if necessary.
The world is an ever-changing place. Without a good education what is going to happen to a young person? What if he/she has no skills, or abilities demanded by today’s jobs? Well, they could live at home and sponge off parents in their older years. Maybe pick up part-time menial work somewhere. That is not what most parents want for their child. I surely didn’t.
Employers of today are looking for people who will be an asset to their business, not someone who only shows up when the notion strikes them, not someone who wants to do things their way, and not the way the company wants. If things don’t go their way they poke out their lip and leave to find a position that suits their lifestyle. Let me tell you young folks, it don’t work that way. That is a far cry from the real world. The best help toward a successful future is a good basic education you get in elementary, junior high, and high school then on to college, trade school, etc.   Like a foundation for a house, it needs to be strong and level. Your foundation for your life is education, education, education. Never stop learning! Your whole life is a learning process. Don’t let it pass you by, or better yet, don’t you pass IT by.
Whether you like science or not, study and learn, the same for math, English, social studies, etc. You who participate in sports know what an effort it is to keep up with such strenuous programs. They require not only physical, but mental capabilities. Apply the same to your classes. Get down and dig like you would if you were pushing for that last yard to the goal line, or that three pointer from mid court, or putting one over the fence. Use what God gave you; a strong body, a good mind. You will not only make yourself proud, but will influence others who may be watching you as an example. I’d surely hate to know that I was steering someone wrong who looked up to me. Wouldn’t you?
Parents and students – be thankful for the teachers, principals, superintendents, teacher’s aides, and others who contribute to you learning. They are at the schools for one purpose and that is to pass on knowledge for the future not only of this state, but this nation. She needs a generation who is willing to keep her great!
Mr. Chrestman, Dr. Kitchens, school board members. Keep up the good work. Even though it is sometimes a thankless job, I want you to know I appreciate what you do, and I know of others who do, too.
God Bless you all at Water Valley Schools,
Patsy Griffin Francis
a proud graduate of the class of ’59

Civilian Workers Aid Our Military

As I watched and listened to the opening ceremony down at the ball park recently, our troops were thanked. I recently returned from serving our military overseas where my husband, life-long Water Vallian, Evans Gurner, is still serving. While overseas, many of our military thanked us for giving our time to serve them. Each time they thanked me, I tearfully replied, “No, Thank you!” Our men and women are thrilled to have civilians working with them and for them. Without some of our civilian workers, many things might not get done and it keeps our troops able to do more important things.  
Angie Gurner

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