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Letter To The Editor – Aug. 15, 2013

Working Together Makes Community Shine

Dear Editor,

  Roy Bennett and I are so proud to call Water Valley our hometown. There is something rather special about our community, the love, the friendship, the grace of the old balanced with the excitement of the new, and the Southern charm and the welcome that lives in our hearts and lights our smiles.
  Of course, we realize that what we have here in Water Valley does not just happen, like magic. It happens because of all of the many hands working together to make it special, make it good, make it right and, most of all make it “home.”
  Each year we think the Watermelon Carnival can’t possibly be better than last year, and once again the good hardworking and devoted people who see   to every detail that makes it better and prove us wrong. And, once again we witness the special beauty of a city and festival made special by people who care, people who love their hometown and want visitors, and homefolk alike, to see the beauty that can be when we all work together.
  Thank you to everyone who worked extra hard to make our community shine. We can say without reservation that you put the “True South” in Water Valley.

  Roy Bennett and
  Mary Sue Stevens

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