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Letter To The Editor – Sept. 26, 2013

Be A Proud Citizen And ‘Pick It Up’

Letter To The Editor:
  A good friend of mine, Jerry Daum, told me the following story:
    Jerry worked for a corporation in Richmond, Va. He and his boss were to take a car trip from Richmond to a location some 150 miles from corporate headquarters.
    As they drove to their destination, his boss would exit the interstate and drive through communities. He looked at both business and residential areas. Jerry noticed that there was a list of towns and some were being eliminated. Curiosity getting the better  of him he ask, “What are we looking for?”
    Jerry’s boss told him that the company was going to open a satellite office and these towns were on the prospective list, but some were being eliminated by a simple drive-through. The towns were being eliminated because they did not exhibit community pride. There was litter on the streets, in the ditches, parks not being kept up to standard, grass in the front and back yards of homes not being cut, abandoned vehicles in yards, junk, debris and litter in yards.
    These towns were being eliminated without any conversation with or knowledge of city officials. Eventually a town was selected that showed its civic pride and they were rewarded with a new business that employed 10-plus new jobs. It makes you wonder if we have ever been eliminated from a list of prospective towns.
  Our city workers try hard to keep our city litter-free, but they need our help. If you drive in Water Valley, you will find litter in our parks, roadways, ditches and on the shoulders of our streets. We need your help to keep Water Valley litter free. If you could volunteer and help keep the street that you live on litter free, it wold certainly help our workers and our town.
  We have had two new companies locate it Water Valley recently. Please help us make a good impression  on future industry by helping our city be litter free. Lets join hands as proud Water Valley citizens and “Pick it up”!
  /s/Bobby Cox
  Alderman, Ward One

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