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Letters To The Editor – Dec. 19, 2013

Young Business Leaders Tout Water Valley

Letter to the Editor,
    This morning as I left Sylva Rena en route to Germantown, my radio was tuned to Mississippi Public Broadcasting.  I’m not sure how long the program had aired before my trip began, but I was fortunate to hear a significant part of MPB’s interview with Tyler Hill and Alexe van Beuren.  Both these young business and civic leaders did an absolutely splendid job of portraying Water Valley as an affordable and otherwise excellent place to live, a good place for families to bring up their children and for entrepreneurs to invest money where the prospects for reward justify the risk of investment.  
    Knowing a bit about both Tyler and Alexe, I was not in the least surprised that their remarks were articulate, concise and always on point.  This expectation of communication excellence notwithstanding, it was still very satisfying to hear their characterization of my home town as one that had overcome some geographic and logistics challenges to become a desirable place to live and to invest.  It was great to be reminded by Tyler that 18 new businesses had opened in Water Valley in just the past two years and that other openings are in prospect, including a ribbon cutting scheduled for later today.
    Good job, Tyler and Alexe!  Thanks for being eloquent and convincing am-bassadors for Water Valley.
Gaylon Booker

Valley Style Customer Service Applauded

Dear Editor,
  As a child raised in the best time and best place ever, I thoroughly enjoy our frequent trips to the Valley and seeing Main Street come alive once again.
    While getting all the gifts purchased for our grands this year, we were stumped over an insulated camo parka for our 10-year-old grandson. Every choice we would select was either out of stock or not available until days after our Christmas celebration. Then it hit me – call Water Valley.
  Debbie of O’Tuck Supply found just the parka we wanted and took it to the Post Office that day for mailing. Got here in plenty of time for the get together? So let me add my voice to others that encourage you to shop locally. Such customer service and willingness to help make this Christmas extra special to us.
    Our grands have visited Water Valley many times and Nate will be especially pleased to know his jacket came from there.
  Have a very Merry Christmas and God bless.
  Eleanor Nelson Allen
  New Market, Alabama

Festive Costumes Warm Up Cold Event

Dear Editor,
    On behalf of the Water Valley Arts Council and the Kazookatonics, we would like to thank all the families who braved the cold on Dec. 7 to parade with us.
    Your enthusiasm, sparkly, festive costumes, decorated carts and bikes helped warm up one of the coldest Christmas Parade Days yet!!!!
    Thank You – again and again.
    Hopefully next year will be warmer!!!!!
    Pati D’Amico
    Bill Warren
    Ramona Bernard
    and the Water Valley Arts Council

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