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Letter To The Editor – Sept. 4, 2014

Shaw Files Complaint Over Disallowed Exemption

Dear Editor,
  As you all know, all public officials swear an oath to office to enforce the laws according to the Mississippi Code, and the Mississippi Constitution.
  Enclosed is a Registered Legal Complaint filed with the Chancery Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Yalobusha County, for their August meeting, and as of this date, I have had no response.
  My Homestead of 160 acres was disallowed by the Board of Sup. without any response from the Chancery Clerk.
  Property assessments in Yalobusha Co. were increased by 38% with no response from the Board of Supervisors to me.
 This complaint should be of interest to ALL Taxpayers in Yalobusha Co.
  Within the next week or so, when I hear from our Governor, I will furnish you a copy of my letter to the Governor.
  /s/Guy Dale Shaw

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