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Letter To The Editor – Sep. 18, 2014

ObamaCare Non-believer Answers Note

Dear Editor:
    My reply to “no name” who left a note on my vehicle, which has a “Repeal ObamaCare” bumper sticker, in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot last Saturday, September 6:
  Dear No Name:
  You left a hand written note on my vehicle stating this:
  “Some one with an expense truck like this don’t need Obama Care, but other poor people do.
  “Ask God to forgive you for your sins. You will see what will happen to you, if you continue to think your way. God will take this truck, your health, your money, and your life Count on it”

  If you had just waited a little longer for me to come out to my vehicle I would have discussed this issue with you. I would have asked you what sins you are talking about? Do you honesty believe that because I want ObamaCare repealed that I am sinning? You apparently have been fed the lie that ObamaCare is good for our United States citizens. There would probably be no way for me to lay out the many ills of ObamaCare in a way that would make you see what a socialistic introduction to health care looks like. If you know what socialism is and you still continue to think ObamaCare is something good for the poor then I would have to think that you only see with blinders on. This is what happens to people who don’t search out what they are receiving in the disguise of “something free.” Trust me, nothing is free. If you are getting something free someone else is paying for it. And in the case of ObamaCare—if your care is free, then you are getting what you are paying for. Have you checked into how many doctors have left the medical field because of ObamaCare? These doctors are very intelligent so they must be seeing something that  you have been unable to see or either refuse to see.
  And, as to your insinuation that because I have my (expense) and I assume you meant (expensive) truck that I didn’t need ObamaCare, let me say this. I have this truck because I got up at all hours of the night throughout my working career, went to work on 12 to 16 hours shifts, came home and took care of my many tasks there, slept very little, and then left back out for another 12 to 16 hours of work. This is why I have my ‘expense’ truck. No one paid for my food, my health care or for any of my necessities of life. The credit I give is to my Lord and Savior for giving me the health to do this work. It puzzles me as to why you resent my having a nice truck.
  You will one day see the evils of ObamaCare and it may just come during your lifetime.
  /s/Larry Bell

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