Patient Says ‘No Complaints’ After Two-Week Stay At Yalobusha General Hospital

Dear Editor:


I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS! This would be a pretty good statement if it accounted for 1 day.  But, if I can say I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS concerning a 15 day stay at Yalobusha General Hospital, that borders on pretty amazing, in my book!


I’ve been proud of and happy about our hospital for years, but I had no idea of the scope and abilities that are provided by this wonderful institution.


Where to start? Perhaps with Dr. Pratt, who without ever having seen me before, assessed me and had me headed to the hospital in less than 20 minus? Her choices of medicines and treatment were crucial to my well-being. (I’m  kinda fond of being able to breathe!) Thanks, too, to Dr. Odom and Dr. Abraham!


The nurses were compassionate, diligent, and SMART! You go above what is expected of you and I am so grateful for such dedication.


With my illness, the respiratory therapist was a constant throughout the process. She worked long hours and had so many patients during my time in the hospital, but I never felt that she was in any hurry and that she was totally on board to seeing me make progress.


To those who made sure that I never ran out of toilet paper  or towels, to those who brought in every meal at the right temperature, and to those who checked vitals—I was there, listening to my coughing, and thinking, “I’m not sure that there would be enough money to get me to go into my room.” Thank YOU for making my two weeks as pleasant as possible. Your smiles and sweet conversations are part of the recovery process, in my opinion.


I’ve never had to do any kind of physical therapy or occupations therapy in conjunction with a hospital stay. What a great surprise to find out that the PT room is an encouraging, uplifting, and progress-making place! I can’t do names, because everyone in the room worked together, even if they weren’t your “main” therapist. You all know who  you are and I am so glad that you work in this hospital!


To the North Mississippi Herald, the Oxford Eagle, and the Coffeeville Courier, an extended hospital stay can hold some long hours. The free delivery of these newspapers really helped break up the day and keep me informed. Thank you for this service to our hospital.


Now if I could just put a label to Kim Clark Pullen. I think the closest title would be “YGH Ambassador”. She was just a little bit everywhere, greeting people by name everywhere she turned. She was a distributor of snacks and a first-time goodie bag from YGH. She treated everyone equally and yet saw to individual needs. Such a positive and encouraging presence she brought to work every day!


I know that I’m leaving out many, the x-ray dept., the pharmacy dept., the main office staff, and others. Again, thank you for working in our hospital and doing your part to make us “well” again.


Such a lengthy letter and yet not nearly enough words to pay tribute to everyone involved in making Yalobusha General Hospital such a great place for our community. I am so grateful to each of you.

/s/Becky Crow

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