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Peel Back The Layers And Abortion Was At The Heart Of Fight Against Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Dear Editor,

You’re down to your last onion and the stores are closed.  Got to finish the potato salad and you really need that onion.   It smells a little off but you’re hoping it’s just the first layer or two that’s soft and rotten  (it’s a Vidalia – delicious but goes bad quickly).  You start peeling and find it’s bad all the way to the heart.   

In Washington a woman who is clearly and credibly traumatized thinks a man she knew decades ago is the cause of that traumatization. Some of her recollections are spotty and vague, but the damage is clear.  The fact that her corroborating witness has no recollection is  odd but still the woman is clearly suffering deeply in any event.

The accused has a spotless judicial, academic and personal history.

The media seize the opportunity to create a circus with this poor woman further traumatized by their “help”.

When the details obscure the truth it’s time to “peel the onion” and find the heart of the maelstrom.

Under the last layer of putrid rotten onion is the black heart of the abortion issue.   The far left is terrified that this judge will stop the killing of  unborn babies and one senator has gone so far as to say they’ll stop at nothing to prevent his nomination. 

49.3 MILLION babies have been killed since 1973.  How can you expect people who promote the extermination of an unborn child through excruciatingly painful means to be fair about anything?  Why would you expect them to have any regard for anything of moral value when they are so morally bankrupt that they kill their own children and want you to kill  yours so they’ll feel justified?

The most dangerous place in America for a baby is his mother’s womb.  God help us all.

Anne Cavanaugh Burke

Water Valley/Ocean Springs

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